AYSO Camps

AYSO Soccer Camps are coming to Fountain Valley AYSO Region 5.

With solid grounding in AYSO’s philosophies and coaching programs,
AYSO Soccer Camps work with kids on skills and activities appropriate
to their age and skill level. AYSO Soccer Camps are conducted by the
best nationally and internationally qualified coaches recruited and
trained by UK International Soccer. UK International is the only
organization whose coaches, primarily from Great Britain, are AYSO
Safe Haven Certified, and trained in AYSO philosophies. Coaches are
selected not only for their knowledge and their coaching ability, but
also for their commitment to creating a fun, positive learning
environment for the players. The result is a soccer camp experience
players will remember for a lifetime. All camp sessions are based on
individual attention to ball skills, as well as fun games to put those
skills into practice and develop teamwork. Players are encouraged to
express themselves in order to develop confidence and individual
creativity on the field.

Part of the program for 2013 is INSPIRE!.
Inspire is our educational curriculum that runs throughout all of our
coaching programs. It is our methodology to develop the whole player
(as an athlete and as a person)…and provide them with the tools and
self-belief to reach their goals on and off the field!

Program Dates are

July 15 – July 19


July 29 – August 2


Host a coach program

Hosting an AYSO Soccer Camps UK International Soccer Coach is a truly
rewarding and enjoyable experience as well as being somewhat of a
cultural exchange. The similarities and differences of our language,
combined with the love of soccer ensures a memorable week and long
lasting friendships for everyone.

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