How to Register in Blue Sombrero

AYSO National has moved its volunteer registration system away from to a system called “Blue Sombrero”, or “BSB”

All AYSO volunteers nationwide (new and returning) are required to register as volunteers on Blue Sombrero.

If you use the same name and SSN as your eAYSO registration all of your AYSO certifications will move over to the new system.

Here are the steps to Register as an AYSO Volunteer on Blue Sombrero:


  • Do not use a mobile device, use a computer.
  • If you are using a Mac then use a web browser other than Safari, like Chrome or Firefox.  
  • There are reports that Safari does not work.

If you need assistance please call the Blue Sombrero Support Center at 866-264-2048.
Or you can also send an email to

Go to

Click on “Register Now” in the upper right hand corner

If you are new to BSB (some people have accounts from other sports) then fill out the information and click “Create Account!”

If you have a BSB account already then click the “Sign in here” link.  Sign in and go to the “Volunteer” section and click “Find Volunteer Roles” in the upper right.  Skip to Step 6 below

Fill in the information.  If you are an Adult registering yourself, under “Select your relationship to your participants” select “Other”.   If you are registering your son or daughter as a youth referee then enter the parent’s information here.  Complete the form and click “Continue”

Continue on and fill out your information FIRST

Choose “I am a parent or guardian”

Next — Add your participants (children) and information one by one:

Next, it will show you the available programs for the region registrations
Select and then CONTINUE

Continue to fill out the critical information for your child:

Continue to fill out ALL relevant information and hit CONTINUE
The next page is the most critical and the most missed in our process.
You need to click on “click here to eSign Form” — this is mandatory!

Scroll all the way to th bottom and complete as necessary

This is the eSign that MUST be completed

The next page is for YOUR volunteering. Please select something you would be interested in and go to the bottom to complete

Click the “Click Here for Volunteer Verification Form” button

When you are done with the one volunteer form you will also eSign this document

Click “Continue” — When you are done, you will see this page to make your payment!